The Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Residential Centre. The "bunkhouse" provides two wings accommodating 22 young people and 3 staff on each wing, a central dining area for 50 and a soft seat relaxation area with 65” TV for films and presentations. The Outdoor Centre has access to a parade square and a half acre activity area incorporating a ten stage obstacle course and leadership zones, as well as the development of two new facilities which include an Archery Range and an Indoor Sports Hall with feature Climbing and Traversing wall, due to open in early 2015.


The Outdoor Centre supports a variety of residential opportunities. Supporting many of His Royal Highnesses Charities that work with young people, as well as offering residential opportunities to Schools, Youth Groups and Other Organisations. The activities and facilities at the Outdoor Centre are designed to help students develop leadership skills, build confidence and encourage self-reflection and personal development. When not in use by the Prince’s Charities or Youth Groups, the Outdoor Centre becomes the hub for schools locally and nationally attending Dumfries House Estate. The Outdoor Centre also offers the opportunity to link with schools and youth groups from abroad offering a wider impact on young people who may benefit from the programmes under development.

All school day visits should be booked through Eventbrite using the link


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