Tours. Please follow the steps below to book a guided tour or event.

Step 1

Please select the event you would like to book tickets for.

  • This in-depth 90 minute tour provides extended access to the House and its collections.

  • A 60 minute tour presenting the highlights of the collection and the history of the House.

  • An Art Tour focusing on the fine paintings displayed throughout the House. Sundays 5th May, 4th Aug or 27th Oct.

  • Focusing on the clock collection and Grand Orrery of Dumfries House. Saturday 20th April or Sundays 16th June and 25th August.

  • A 30min taster tour of Dumfries House.

  • Join our Head Guide or a Senior Guide on this occasional tour which focusses on Thomas Chippendale, his life, work and the Dumfries House collection. Sunday 7th April, Monday 13th May, Sunday 7th July.